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In my prior article, IT Resume Writing – The Rules have Changed, I discussed how to create a strong technical resume for the role of Hands-on IT Manager. See  In this article, I’ll provide an IT Resume Example.  

Writing an IT resume for a ‘Hands-on IT Manager’ is far more complex than simply adding this as a job title. It’s important to integrate the hands-on message throughout the resume to clearly state that this IT individual can serve equally well in different roles.

In the below example, I blended both my client’s manageme

nt and technical experience to achieve a streamlined version of an technical resume for a Hands-on IT Manager.

IT Resume Example #1

Hands-on IT Manager

A career tenure of re-strategizing and repositioning the IT organization to bring positive change, structure, and organization to the way that the business community works. In a hands-on role, manage all technical aspects of building and supporting a corporate office plus 7 branch offices on the west coast.

Hands-on IT Manager

  • Built, grew, and managed people, processes, and technology across the technical landscape to create a more cohesive business centric structure. Made enhancements in the areas of: support, applications, e-Commerce, virtualization, Cloud, networking, telecom, operating systems, security, and disaster recovery and business resumption.
  • Continuously proposed and implemented many system and process enhancements, both large and small, that reduced costs, increased productivity, and automated manual processing.
  • Reduced IT staffing for our infrastructure by 50% by first migrating all physical servers to a VMware environment and then later moving on premise hardware and applications to the Cloud. The staffing resources were redirected to support a new business offering.
  1. In the job summary, I led with my client’s strengths as an IT Manager and then followed with his overall technical role. The message is that he can easily go from strategy to technical implementation.
  2. In the first bullet item, I combined both management and technical skills so that it states that he can build, grow, and manage people, processes, and technologies. The addition of the technical areas is a great way to integrate key words into a technical resume.
  3. In the second bullet item, I wanted to show his active participation in improving the technical environment.
  4. In the third bullet item, I described his technical skills along with showing a significant reduction in staffing based on his accomplishment.  In his case, the resources were redirected to another business initiative so it’s an overall great message.

IT Resume Example #2

Hands-On IT Manager

Fully contributed to a global project effort that spanned EMEA, APAC, North America, and the Caribbean in standing up a new Avaya Interaction Center (AIC).

  • In an IT Manager role, ensured alignment of business goals with our long-term global strategy, as well as our architectural vision.
  • In a Technologist role, applied expertise in frontend development (webpage design and customization), SQL (database administration and customization), Java, and Visual Basic to set up the AIC and migrate all existing clients to the new system.
  • In a ScrumMaster role, ensured on-time delivery by employing an agile  methodology and framework for use in organizing and managing all project deliverables.
  1. Many IT professionals perform a number of different roles within a single project. The above is an easy way to highlight those job roles and responsibilities.
  2. Listing each of the IT job roles separately, makes this section easy to scan.

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