LinkedIn Profiles: Numbers You Can’t Ignore

By Jennifer Hay

If you don’t have a powerful LinkedIn profile, these numbers should scare you: 70% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find candidates. They use it as a primary source, and follow up with a traditional resume only when they find the capabilities they are seeking.

This was a consistent message heard throughout a resume writing conference I recently attended. I typically don’t like what I call ‘misinformed statistics’—when I don’t know who created the numbers, what data they used, and for what purpose the analysis was done. I was ready to believe that the number was exaggerated, but was convinced otherwise when I heard an IT executive recruiter describe how he finds qualified candidates for his clients.

Here is his story. “John” actively uses LinkedIn to connect with potential candidates. He’ll review their job history, skill set, and achievements to determine if it’s worth his time to contact them. This initial selection process is followed by a resume request along with a phone discussion. If he receives the resume first, he’ll go to the person’s LinkedIn profile to get more information. If he is disappointed with what he finds, he may terminate his search.

After I heard his compelling message, I thought to myself: “Could it be that the numbers for IT recruiters are higher than for other fields?” This thought stayed with me until I heard confirming evidence on my return flight. I sat next to a telecom company owner who was on his way to make a sales presentation about G4 infrastructures to AT&T. He told me that his HR manager uses LinkedIn to find more than 70% of their candidates and would increase that number if they got the AT&T job. Do I have your attention?

Newly informed but still unsure, I now think that the LinkedIn numbers for IT recruiters are much higher than I imagined. Whether it’s 60%, 70% or 80%, can you really afford to take the chance that you might lose an opportunity? Look to see how your profile measures up. Don’t delay! You are missing out on opportunities.