Technical Job Search Trends for Technology Professionals

With today’s current technology evolution, it should come as no surprise that technical job search trends are always changing. As with other businesses, technical resume writers want to expand their product offerings to generate more revenue while also ensuring that their clients have the resources they need. But just like any business, there are some resume writers who can be a bit overzealous in their financial pursuit and perhaps less focused on what their clients really need.

I am writing a series of articles to help you find a path through all of the available products and services. I want for you to be able to make an informed decision as to what is right for you and your technical job search, without succumbing to all the marketing pressures.

Web-based Portfolios

For many resume writers, the introduction of web-based portfolios was a financial bonanza. It opened up opportunities for writers to provide not only content for a traditional resume, but also to provide a hosted web portfolio with lots more content and graphics.

Let me explain how these portfolios work.

One of my clients told me that he had already paid for a job search web site with photographs of him standing in various positions to illustrate his leadership skills. Once I completed his resume, the company took the document I’d written and broke it down into multiple web pages so that the reader had to continuously click to see all of his accomplishments. They also added quite a bit of fluffy language.

My client thought that people would enjoy the process of exploring his background, but that is not what happened. No one had time to explore his information so he ended up getting a job from his traditional technical resume, not from his web-based portfolio.

While IT job seekers may image that technical recruiters and hiring managers will search the web and find their highly targeted portfolios, that is not what happened and this resume product rarely paid off. I still see some resume writing companies offering this product, and I cringe each time.

The reality is that most HR departments within medium to large companies have well-defined processes for recruitment, with one of their success measures being their ability to fill positions.

Since they are already flooded with technical resumes, either through their own job postings or through technical recruiters, it wouldn’t make sense to use the Internet to search for potential candidates. LinkedIn has already proved to be a great source for targeted inquires, and HR departments have learned to use this valuable resource. They only need a recruiter account to gain unfiltered access to many very qualified technology professionals.

Now that LinkedIn has found its place in the hiring process, why would more established companies change their internal processes to include other marketing efforts by prospective employees? The answer is they typically wouldn’t, although exceptions can always apply. I always love a story about a technical job seeker who used an unconventional approach to grab the attention of a hiring manager. Unfortunately, once you are reading about it, its no longer unique and many people will be trying the same approach.

An exception to this are small and startup companies. They are typically more agile and more willing to consider different marketing approaches. If this is your job market, think innovatively about how you can stand out. I can guarantee that web-based portfolios will not be the answer.

Next in my series is an article about a no cost/low cost job search technique that is truly worth the effort. Technical Resumes – Best Practices for a Technical Job Search

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