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“I recently started looking for new employment opportunities and quickly realized that my resume was outdated and ineffective. I researched certified resume writers and found Jennifer Hay (IT Resume Service), a local entrepreneur. We exchanged a couple of emails and spoke on the phone and I was quickly confident that she could create an updated and effective resume for me. Jennifer used a ‘story telling’ method to learn about my experience and skills which made it easy for me to describe my skills and accomplishments. She used that information to create an awesome resume that includes a branding statement, which was a wonderful and unexpected touch. I have already had great results with my new resume and I recommend her services unreservedly. Thanks Jennifer!”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Dennis Milich
hired Jennifer as a Career Coach

Jennifer is a true professional. Her uncanny ability to extract the important details from your work history is absolutely amazing. She was able to simplify my long winded stories into precise simple sentences that produced a strong branding statement of my career highlights and achievements. The end result was an incredible resume that opened up more possibilities then I could ever imagine. In fact, I was able to slide through a closing door with my new resume.

My new employer had actually finished up interviewing and then extended the process after I submitted my resume late. They were ready to compromise on what they were looking for and then I came along with the skill set they were seeking. Timing is everything and the stars were in perfect alignment this time around. Jennifer’s hard work on my resume opened an already closed door and I was able to finish the process with a great interview. Thanks Jennifer.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Steve Harvey