Tips for Finding a Reputable Resume Writing Company

by Jennifer Hay

The economy is improving and technical jobs are not as scarce as they were during the last several years, but looking for a job in today’s economy can still fill even the most confident with uncertainty and despair. These are the times that can make us vulnerable to charlatans and just plain bad business practices.

When months of unemployment or an unhappy job search experience stretches in front of us, we might decide to engage the services of a career professional. Unfortunately, this professional works in a domain with which we have absolutely no prior experience. We recognize the importance of finding just the right fit, but career planning and resume writing are outside of our area of expertise. How do we decide who to select and how do we know they’re reputable?

These two questions came to me as I was reading through an email exchange with one of my favorite career groups ( One of the items being discussed was plagiarism. One group member found out that her own sample resume had made its way on to another company’s site represented as being their sample. At first I thought that this was merely pathetic, but then I considered the potential consequences for people seeking help.

I recognized two distinct hot spots. First of all, the company doesn’t have sufficient writing ability to post their own samples. Secondly, the company is apparently not averse to stealing copywritten material so they would have no qualms about creating a resume for you that was merely a compilation of other resumes. Can you imagine finding out that your new resume is not only mass produced but not very well done at that.

The Career Directors’ group has practical guidelines for finding just the right match for your career and resume writing needs. Read through their suggestions by linking to