Do You Need Help Writing IT Resumes?

If you’ve read through the millions of articles about the best practices for getting help writing IT resumes and are overwhelmed with the prospect of creating your own, then it’s time to consider hiring a technical resume writer.

Before going on to describe how to avoid the pitfalls of hiring the wrong company, let’s review the most basic principles. For hands-on technology professionals, you’ll need a writer who has a background in Information Technology. This individual needs to be comfortable with technical language and have some process in place for staying knowledgeable and current about new and emerging technologies. It’s important that this person have experience doing technical work both as an individual and as part of a technical team.

For executive and senior management positions, you’ll need a resume writer who is knowledgeable about the rapidly evolving marketplace of technical products and services. This writer should also have experience writing for the more technical roles since many in the senior job roles arrived through technical positions.

Many companies offer help writing IT resumes so that making a choice can be difficult. I recommend conducting thorough research so you don’t hire a company:

  • Without speaking directly with your resume writer. You have every right to speak with your writer so that you understand their background, ability to communicate, as well as their approach to writing IT resumes. As a buyer beware, many of the low cost companies will promote their writers as experienced IT professionals when this is rarely the case.
  • Based on the company’s templates. The real challenge with technical resumes is to create content that accurately describes an individual’s technical achievements while also making a connection with business and technical value. Many of these companies advertise their templates as being fast and easy to use, and they are! They really speed the process of creating truly awful IT resumes.
  • Solely based on their resume guarantee. Some resume writers will offer a guaranteed rewrite if you are not absolutely satisfied. This means that they will have another one of their writers rework your resume to see if they can produce better results. When the overall quality of the resume writing is poor, however, it won’t matter how many times they rewrite your resume. The end result will be less than adequate.

    Few IT resume writers offer a true interview guarantee since writing a resume is very time consuming and the job search process is beyond the writer’s control. When there is an interview guarantee, you’ll need to ask how ‘interview’ is being defined. When a resume is posted on the more popular web sites, just about everyone is contacted for an interview, whether or not the job is a good fit.

  • Unless you have researched their reputation. Remember that when you hire a writer from one of the more prominent resume writing groups, they are paid about 30% of what you pay the company. A reputable IT resume writer may spend up to 8-10 hours on a document so a quick calculation tells me that if a client spends $400 on a resume that the actual resume writer will receive only $120. This means that the person is making about $15 an hour. Many of those same companies offer cover letters, thank you letters, and lists of references as complimentary add-ons so now the writer’s pay scale goes down to about $10 an hour. How much originality and talent can you expect from that amount?
  • Based on the cost. The reality is that cost is not always an indicator of value among IT resume writers. You can certainly find a lower cost alternative if you conduct enough research. When you consider that job searching is typically one of the most stressful times in your life, do you really want a resume writer who competes on cost rather than quality?


You can search on the phrase ‘help writing IT resume’ to find lots of companies just waiting to help you. Before you select a company, however, conduct a cost/benefit analysis in order to make the best decision. You use this technique when selecting tools and technologies, so why not put the same level of effort into finding a writer who is committed to creating a great IT resume?