Don’t Add Too Much Technology To Your Technical Resume

slide123Yes, you read it correctly – don’t add too much technology to your technical resume. You have to step away from the mind numbing sentences that almost look like software code. Remember that someone other than a software engineer may be reading and evaluating your resume.

Many job seekers flood their IT resumes with so many deep technical details, tools, and technologies that it’s difficult to distinguish their achievements separate from the technology they used. While it’s important to include your technical capabilities, you’ll want both technical hiring managers and nontechnical HR managers to understand what you’ve done.
A good practice is to select your top 5-6 tools that are most important in your job search and then integrate those tools into your professional development section. Add your remaining tools and technologies to a section titled “Technical Profile” or “Technology Skills.”

Here are examples of robust achievement statements.

♦ Developed a hybrid strategy to keep costs down; used data center hardware with SAN deployment for high-availability data, and cloud-based storage with Amazon S3 and for backup and archival.

♦ Applied analytical process, as Site Manager, to plan and design new components for complex, multi-tier application suite with $1.6 million annual budget. Enabled administrative staff to perform technical activities such as data manipulation, data management, and data exchange.